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Online Therapy Can Support You During The Holiday Season

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After Thanksgiving many people start to slow down and prepare to spend time with family and friends for the holiday season. It can be a beautiful time of the year for some people while others may struggle for a number of reasons. 

Mental Health Stressors During the Holiday Season

It is not uncommon for stress levels to increase as we move towards the end of the year where family gatherings and holiday rituals are celebrated by so many.  The stress could be due to both work and family commitments, travel plans requiring money and emotional energy, or grief and pain managing grief or complicated family dynamics. 

4 Ways Online Therapy Can Help

1. Managing anxiety or anticipated anxiety about the travel process or big group gatherings by gaining helpful coping skills and personalized tips

2. Managing lonliness by having a safe place to explore those emotions in a realistic and healthy way

3. Stress and depression often ticks upward during this time and online therapy can help you learn strategies to support you through this season

4. Recognizing and reflecting on the grief that you may be experiencing without loved ones during this time

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Supporting Our Clients During the Holiday Season with Online Therapy

Here at To the Root Counseling in Conyers, GA we know that individuals may need support and are available to provide that support. You can expect counseling that is tailored to your individual needs providing additional layers of support during the holidays, by way of virtual sessions from where ever you are.

*Online therapy is only available to Georgia residents*

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